Additive Package for Fuel

Additive Package and
Specification Data

Diesel-Mate™ All Seasons contains an additive package that sets it apart from other diesel fuel conditioners.

Cetane Booster

Raises cetane number an average of 3 to 4 or more points to help increase mileage, improve combustion and make starting easier.


Prevents emulsification and separates water and condensation to the bottom of storage tanks where it can be drained or pumped away. Eliminates water contaminants to improve combustion and reduce clogging in injectors and water filters.

Anti-Wear Agents

Contains a molecular compound that forms a highly resistant lubrication film that bonds to metal surfaces and protects against mechanical and corrosive wear.

Detergents and Dispersants

Prevent sludge, varnish and gum formation that can clog filters, fuel lines and injector tips. By keeping injectors free of deposits, they let fuel atomize uniformly to reduce loss of power, decrease stack smoking and help prevent excessive detonation wear. Meets and exceeds Cummins L-10 Injector Deposit Test requirements.

Pour Point Depressant

Improves fuel flow, starting ability and operating efficiency at low temperatures by helping to prevent gelling.

Oxidation Inhibitors

Help prevent fuel breakdown during storage and reduce the formation of varnish, lacquer, gum and sludge.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

Plate metal surfaces in storage tanks, on-board tanks, fuel lines and injectors to prevent corrosive damage. Reduce repair expenses and rust flakes that can clog injector tips and filters.

Metal Deactivator

Deactivates trace amounts of heavy metals, particularly copper. This prevents them from acting as catalysts that promote oxidation and form incombustible engine gum.

Diesel-Mate™ All Seasons and BioDiesel Mate All-Seasons is Ideal For Use In: Over-theroad and off-road diesel engines and storage, marine diesel engines and storage,diesel power generators, longterm fuel storage.

Do Not Use In: Gasoline engines and storage (use Mile- Hi™), heating fuel (use Full Blast Plus™)

No Sulfur

The Complete Fuel Quality Assurance™ Product Line

Tank Tonic™

Complete Fuel Biocide & Fungicide For Gasoline, Diesel and Heating Oil

BioDiesel-Mate™ All Seasons

Complete Year-Round Fuel Improver for Biodiesel up to B20, Improves Storage Stability, Boosts Cetane, Reduces Emissions & Wear, increases Mileage/Hours, and Lowers Fuel Gel Point. Works in all types of diesel fuel.

Diesel-Mate™ All Season

Complete Diesel Fuel Improver for All Seasons, Boosts Cetane, Reduces Emissions & Wear, Reduces Fuel Oxidation, Increases Mileage/Hours, and Lowers Fuel Gel Point. up to 31°F.

Diesel-Mate™ 2000 All Seasons

Year-round Diesel Fuel Improver for Fuel Distributors, Boosts Cetane, Reduces Emissions & Wear, Reduces Fuel Oxidation, Increases Mileage/Hours, and Lowers Fuel Gel Point.

Arctic Diesel-Mate™

Year-round diesel fuel conditioner designed to improve the performance of onroad, off-road, marine diesel fuel and Biodiesel. Can be stored and used down to -60ºF/-51ºC.

DZL Clean ™

Single Application Diesel Fuel System Cleaner. Cleans Injector Tips and Prevents Clogging, Rusting and Corrosion of Fuel Systems.

Fire-Up! ™

Diesel Fuel Cold Flow Improver - Lowers Pour Point up to 40°F, Prevents Fuel Gelling and Icing.

Thaw-Out ™

Emergency Diesel Fuel De-Icing Agent, Re-Liquefies Frozen Diesel Fuel.

Mile-Hi ™

Gasoline Performance Improver, Cleans Fuel System, Pistons and Cylinders, Reduces Emissions and Increases Mileage.

Full Blast Plus ™

Heating Oil Performance Improver, Cleans Furnace System , Promotes Complete Burn, Keeps Fuel Fresh.